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Probiotics for Dogs Chewable plus Digestive Enzymes – 60 Soft Chews


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IMPROVES DIGESTIVE HEALTH- good for smelly gas, bad breath and diarrhea; Our Probiotic for Dogs is helpful when dealing with food sensitivity, change of diet, allergies, anxiety, travel or kenneling; Suitable for small to large breed and puppies over 6 weeks

IDEAL FOR PICKY EATERS – looks and tastes like a snack or training aid; No more hiding or grinding tablets or capsules, say goodbye to messy liquid and lumpy powder; No refrigeration shelf stable formula, low calorie moist chewable treat, packaged in re-sealable pouch

OUR PROBIOTIC FOR DOGS IS WHEAT FREE – A Chicken flavor bite-sized chew developed to assist canine gut flora; The probiotic provides support and boosts the healthy bacteria naturally present in the digestive tract

PREBIOTICS ARE ADDED as a source of food for probiotics to grow, multiply and survive in the gut; PLUS ADDED DIGESTIVE ENZYMES aids the breakdown of food and absorption of essential nutrients to help your pets get the most from their meals

100% PEACE OF MIND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We pride ourselves on Exceptional Customer Service and we will do our best to assist you and your dog in having a great experience; Our Probiotic Soft Chew Treats with added Digestive Enzymes are so tasty they should be kept out of reach from your pet; Please read all label information on delivery

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Unique Extra Value 3 in 1 Formula

Contains a blend of probiotics and Digestive Enzymes designed to promote and maintain your pets digestive health

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacterial cultures which help maintain gastrointestinal (GI) health. The healthy gut is normally colonized with good bacteria which promote immune function and aid digestion. These bacteria can be disrupted with conditions such as stress-induced diarrhea dietary changes parasites inflammatory bowel disease and the use of some medications (Antibiotics NSAIDs and Chemotherapy). Probiotics help restore the normal gut flora and can help reduce GI inflammation. The probiotic used in this product Bacillus coagulans has been documented to provide beneficial effects across a variety of animal species.

What are digestive enzymes?

When food enters the GI tract enzymes break food particles down into components to be absorbed by the body. In geriatric dogs or with GI disease, decreased enzyme production can lead to decreased nutrient absorption. This treat contains alpha-amylase (starch digestion) lipase (fat digestion) protease (protein digestion) and cellulase (digestion of plant cell walls)

Probiotics for Dogs plus Added Digestive Enzymes

Our product manufactured in the US combines probiotics and digestive enzymes with a number of prebiotics. These specialized plant fibers pass through the GI tract undigested, providing a source of nourishment for healthy bacteria in the gut.
All of these substances are delivered in a soft chew, which is tasty for your dog and easy to administer. The treats are packaged in a resealable pouch and do not require refrigeration
Because we know that you and your dog will love these treats we offer a full guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied please return the product at any time for a full refund

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